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Hook-Up Wire

Hook-Up Wire | Remington Industries

This collection includes hook-up wire for automotive, marine, electronic, and construction applications. This wire meets specifications issued by UL, SAE, or USCG. 

What is Hook-Up Wire?

Hook-up wire is a type of copper wire with a single, insulated conductor, that is either solid (a singular strand of wire), or stranded (multiple thinner strands bundled to equal a thicker gauge). This special type of copper wire is mainly used in low-voltage, low-current applications, for example within enclosed electronic equipment. It is also used in automotive and marine applications, ovens, control panels, building construction, appliances, and many other open and enclosed environments. Many types of hook-up wire are made to meet certain UL and MIL-spec specifications.

Since conductors, insulation material, or rated voltage can vary greatly, it's important to understand how different hook-up wire works with different products, components, and connections.

Don’t forget to explore our categories for automotive hook-up wiremarine hook-up wireconstruction hook-up wire, and electrical hook-up wire to make finding the right type of insulated wire easy. You can add our high-quality insulated wire to your cart and check out quickly and easily, or get in touch for custom wire services.


Benefits of Hook-Up Wire

Hook-up wire has a wide range of uses in many different products, appliances, and vehicles. Here are some benefits that make this type of copper wire ideal for your project:


Why Choose Insulated Wire?

Hook-up wire is also known as insulated wire. Insulated wire is a great choice for a wide range of applications. The copper wire at the center is highly conductive, making it an excellent choice for electronics projects, automotive work, and more. The PVC coating that “insulates” the conductive copper wire also protects it from damage and weather.


What is Lead Wire?

Lead wire is wire that connects two electrical components. Hook-up wire is an excellent example of lead wire, as lead wire typically has a copper center (for conductivity) and is coated for protection. This type of copper insulated wire is usually used in electronics applications.


What is Appliance Wire?

Appliance wire is another name for hook-up wire, as it is often used in household appliances including ovens, refrigerators, and microwaves. In fact, any electrical appliance used at home is likely to contain hook-up wire – hence the name “appliance wire”.


Is Hook-Up Wire Electronic Wire?

Yes! Similarly to the term “appliance wire”, “electronic wire” describes the purpose of this single-conductor insulated wire. Copper hook-up wire with PVC insulation is often used in electronics. Take a look at our category dedicated to hook-up wire for electronics.


What is Single-Core Insulated Cable?

Hook-up wire is an excellent example of single-core insulated cable – it has a single, copper core and PVC insulation. For example, our UL Style 1429 hook-up wire features tinned copper wire and a protective PVC jacket.


What is Multi-Conductor Wire?

Although hook-up wire is typically a single-core insulated cable, some of the wire in this category is multi-conductor wire. Take a look at our guitar pickup wire, which has two or four conductors depending on your needs. Similarly, our communication cable comes with two, three, or four conductors.


Terms for Hook-Up Wire

As we’ve learned above, there are many different names for hook-up wire. If you’re looking for any of the following, you’re in the right place:

These are all terms for copper wire coated with insulation.


Choosing the Right Hook-Up Wire

With so many options to choose from, purchasing hook-up wire can be intimidating. Browse our Resources page and you'll find a Hook-Up Wire Data Chart, as well as a handful of Hook-Up Wire Ampacity Charts, so you can make the right choice. Pay close attention to specifications, application (electronics, construction, marine and automotive), overall diameter, as well as voltage, temperature, conductor, and insulation rating. Alternatively, give us a call for additional insight.


Choosing Between Stranded and Solid Hook Up Wire

Whether you choose stranded or solid hook-up wire, both options are guaranteed to meet the standards and ratings outlined in our product descriptions.

Stranded wire has the benefit of being more flexible and is more easily able to endure frequent bending than solid wire. On the flip side, the rigid nature of solid wire makes it highly resistant to weather, extreme environmental conditions, and frequent movement. Solid wire is often used in outdoor applications.


Request Customizations to Your Hook-Up Wire

We recognize that your project is important, so we offer custom services including coil windingbifilar and trifilar windingwire procurement, and wire processing, to ensure you receive the wire that best meets your needs. Looking for a custom length, stripped or terminated wire, or a cable assembly? Get in touch. Browse our custom wire services page or request a personalized free estimate by clicking "Add to Quote" on any product page. 


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