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Trailer Cable

Our trailer wire collection includes 7-conductor and 4-conductor trailer cables, so you can be sure you’re set for every automotive project. We’re proud to provide trailer cable in a range of gauges, from 12AWG to 16AWG. Need an alternative solution? Get in touch for custom trailer cable.

What is Trailer Cable?

Trailer cable is used in automotive and electrical applications where long-lasting durability and flexibility are required. Trailer cable comes in a multitude of configurations, including variations in the number of conductors it has, wire gauge, insulation material, and more.

Trailer Cable for Automotive Applications

If you’re working on an automotive project, you’ve come to the right place. Our high-quality trailer cable can be used to provide power to turn signals, brake lights, ABS systems, and for other electrical applications requiring long-lasting solutions. It is used in cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, boats, and towing equipment.

Can Trailer Cable be Used for Trailer Wiring?

“Trailer wire” is a synonym for “trailer cable”. Trailer extension cable such as this makes trailer wiring easy. If you’re looking for durable, long-lasting trailer wire for an automotive project, or you’re working on wiring a trailer, browse our trailer cable.

Why Choose Trailer Cable in a PVC Jacket?

Our trusted trailer wire comes coated in a PVC jacket. This helps protect the wire within from outdoor conditions, oils, chemicals and more. The PVC is color-coded for additional organizational benefit, and to make trailer wiring projects easy.

Trailer Cable That Meets Your Exact Specifications

Remington Industries is here to provide high-quality wire and raw metals for your automotive, electrical, construction, and marine projects, and more. If you need a custom solution, our team is here to help. Read about our custom services and tell us what you need.

Your Trusted Supplier for High-Quality Trailer Cable

For those wondering where to buy trailer cable or searching for “trailer cable near me”, you’ve come to the right place. We supply high-quality, color-coded PVC-coated trailer cable to hobbyists and professionals. Our products are sold individually and in bulk. Our headquarters is in Johnsburg, Illinois, and we have a nationwide and global reach, serving customers as widespread as California, Europe and Asia. With free shipping on all standard U.S. orders, we offer an easy, affordable, door-to-door solution to purchasing trusted wire and raw metals. As above, our custom services make sure we stand out, and ensure you receive the best products for your application.