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Wire Re-Packaging

Remington Industries | Wire Re-Spooling

Our wire re-packaging and re-spooling services enable us to provide you with the specific wire you require to best meet your needs.

We understand that length, weight, and diameter all come into play when selecting the perfect wire, and we can re-spool the wire you need to the exact length you desire.

We re-package and re-spool all the following types of wire, in stock at Remington Industries:

In addition, you can supply us with your wire to be re-spooled to your exact requirements, or request procurement services from our team to find the wire you need.

Why Choose Remington Industries for Your Wire Re-Packaging?

Remington Industries is an ideal source for anyone looking to purchase and re-spool wire of all kinds. We take pride in our wire and services. All our wire is high quality and produced to stand the test of time.

We will always provide you with the wire you require efficiently, to your exact specifications, and with exceptional customer service.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect wire for a science project, for coil winding, or for an electronics application, Remington Industries can help.

Contact Remington Industries today for your wire re-packaging needs.

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