Wire Services

Our exclusive inventory of in-stock wire and ability to procure wire of all kinds makes us the perfect partner for wire purchasing and custom wire services. We are proud to provide essential, high quality wire for engineering projects, educational science projects, coil winding and electronics applications.

Some of our many wire services include the following:


Wire Re-Packaging

We can re-spool wire to meet special length or weight requirements. Our wire re-spooling capabilities range from 8 to 45 AWG. We also carry a wide range of spool sizes in stock.


Bifilar and Trifilar Windings

We can supply wire in bifilar form, which is presented as two different strands of wire wound together, or as trifilar which is three strands of wire wound together. We can also provide the actual winding of such bifilar and trifilar coils.


Wire Processing

Our wire processing services can ensure you receive the wire you need in the correct configuration for your application. We offer a wide range of wire processing services including wire cutting and stripping, wire twisting and custom spooling.  Avoid delays and costly processing with our wire processing services.


Wire Procurement Services

With vast experience and connections in the wire industry, we can find the wire you need.  We have extensive resources and knowledge of product availability. We can find what you need and make it available to you.