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Custom Wire Services

Fill out this form to request a free quote for custom wire services, including the following and more:

  • Wire processing: Wire cutting, stripping, terminating, and twisting
  • Wire spooling
  • Coil winding
  • Custom cable assemblies
  • Bifilar and trifilar windings
  • Wire procurement

You can also browse our collection of pre-cut and stripped wire that’s ready to add to your cart. Learn more about our full suite of wire services, below.


Our Suite of Wire Services

Our wire services are designed to complement our exclusive inventory of standard wire. We ensure you receive the custom wire you need, that’s ready for use and meets your exact specifications.

Remington Industries | Wire ProcessingWire Processing

Order the wire you need in the correct configuration for your application. Our wide range of wire processing services includes:

  • Wire cutting
  • Wire stripping
  • Wire twisting
  • Wire terminating

Wire processing is designed to make your work more efficient. Learn more about our wire processing services, and how you can avoid delays and reduce costs by working with our team.

Shop Ready-to-Order Cut and Stripped Wire

We also offer a wide selection of pre-cut and stripped wire and jumper wire that’s ready to add to your cart. Browse this collection for even easier ordering.

3D printed bobbin with two sections3D Printed Bobbins & Spools

Our 3D printing services include the creation of 3D-printed bobbins and custom plastic spools to facilitate the production of innovative new coils for electronics projects. As experts in coils, we're proud to offer bobbin and spool 3d printing services to make prototyping easy.


Remington Industries | Wire SpoolingWire Spooling

We re-spool wire to meet special length or weight requirements. Our wire re-packaging capabilities range from 8 to 45 AWG. As well as offering custom spooling, we also carry a wide range of spool sizes in stock – magnet wire and hook-up wire are some of our most popular categories featuring standard spools that are ready to add to your cart.

Remington Industries | Coil WindingCoil Winding

We manufacture electromagnetic coils, a process known as coil winding. Contact us to request coils for a variety of applications, including transformers, generators, motors, loudspeakers, microphones, medical equipment, and more.

Remington Industries | Custom Cable AssembliesCustom Cable Assemblies

Our team will create custom cable assemblies and wire assemblies made to your exact specifications. We also offer stock cable assemblies that are ready to add to your cart.

Remington Industries | Bifilar and Trifilar WindingsBifilar and Trifilar Windings

We can supply wire in bifilar form, which is presented as two different strands of wire wound together, or as trifilar, which is three strands of wire wound together. Our team provides custom bifilar and trifilar coils.

Remington Industries | Wire Procurement ServicesWire Procurement Services

As custom cable manufacturers, we have the industry partnerships necessary to cost-effectively source the wire you need, and make it available to you.

Remington Industries | Why Request Custom Cable?<Why Request Custom Cable?

Ordering custom wire can save you time and money. Our wire services are designed to help engineers increase efficiencies by offering wire that’s ready for use.

Remington Industries | Who We Serve<Who We Serve

We’re proud to serve engineering departments of revered institutions and individuals with admirable talent. Wire processing and procurement often benefit larger establishments that are looking to improve efficiencies. Whether you’d like us to re-spool wire, wind a coil, or procure something new, we’re here to ensure you receive the high-quality, made-to-order custom cable you expect.

Trusted Custom Cable Manufacturers

We’re a team of trusted custom cable manufacturers with vast experience in wire processing. We work with engineering centers across the United States, Canada, and around the world. We support purchasing managers with efficient quotes, and we take the time to talk through your project, whether you’re a business customer or an individual.

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