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Jumper Wire / Cut & Stripped Wire

Jumper Wire | Remington IndustriesJumper wire is a type of hook up wire that has been cut and stripped in preparation for use in many electronic applications. Also known as stripped wire, jumper wire is a quick and convenient solution to countless electrical and engineering projects.

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Choose jumper wire for work on electronic equipment, automotive and marine applications, fixing ovens, appliances, control panels, building/construction projects, and many other open and enclosed electronic applications. Jumper wire can be insulated using PVC, PTFE/Teflon, or other materials to ensure that it can withstand abrasion, chemicals, and more. This insulation also ensures a reliable, long-lasting conductor.

Browse our selection of automotive jumper wire ranging from 10 AWG to 20 AWG. We sell stranded jumper wire in multi-colored bundles of 200 pieces. Alternatively, choose a jumper wire kit to stay well-stocked and prepared for your next project.

Looking for a custom length or alternative customization? Remington Industries offers a wide range of custom wire services to meet your needs and ensure your jumper wire is fit for its purpose.