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Wire Processing

Our Wire Processing services make finding the right materials for your project seamless. Our range of wire processing services mean that once your wire reaches you, it will meet your exact specifications and requirements, and will be ready to put to use.

Start by choosing the right wire for your project. We have the following wire in stock, and can procure other wire of all kinds:

Choose from the following wire processing services:

Remington Industries | Stripping/Cutting/Twisting1. Wire Stripping/Cutting/Twisting

Our specialist machines and experienced machinists can ensure your wire is stripped, cut and twisted to perfection.

Remington Industries | Terminal/Crimping Application2. Terminal/Crimping Application

We can find and add the correct crimp terminal to your wire, so that it's ready for a quick and easy electrical connection.

Remington Industries | Premade Cable Assembly3. Premade Cable Assemblies

Our team can offer premade cable assemblies to ensure your wire is ready to be of best use as soon as you receive it.

Remington Industries | Spool Sizes4. Wire Printing/Marking

Our wire printing and marking services are designed to help you stay organized, and easily identify the wire you need.

Remington Industries | Custom Kit5. Wire Assemblies/Kitting

We can put together a custom kit for you. Our custom assembling and kitting services allow us to offer you a tailored solution to provide the specific wire you need.

Remington Industries | B2B Solutions6. B2B Solutions

Our experienced team and vast range of high-tech machines mean we can complete a wide range of custom wire processing services to meet business needs of all kinds. Simply get in touch with Remington Industries today to discuss your unique needs.

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