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Wire Terminals

Wire Terminals | Remington IndustriesWire terminals are used to easily connect wires to screws, posts, and other terminals/wires. They are available in a variety of wire gauges and connection types. The purpose of a wire terminal is to terminate the wire in order to safely initiate an electrical connection, for example with the wire, post, stud, screw, or bus bar it is to be connected to. Wire terminals are a small but essential component when it comes to countless wiring projects.

When selecting wire terminals, there are many factors to consider. In terms of size and fit, consider wire size, connector size, and circuit size when choosing the right wire terminals. In terms of power, when choosing wire terminals consider current rating, engagement force, and operating voltage.

Remington Industries has a wide range of wire terminals to choose from, including fork terminals, ring terminals, butt connectors, quick connect terminals, lug terminals, and wire terminal kits containing a range of wire terminals so you can stay prepared for your next project. All of our wire terminals are high quality wire accessories that meet the high standards you expect across our product lines. Browse our range of wire terminals, or contact us for a custom solution combining the wire you need with the right wire terminals for your project.