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Magnet Wire, Made For Winding

Buy standard magnet wire, request wire processing services, or ask our team for wound coils.

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Trusted Electrical Wire Distributors

Remington Industries is a trusted wire distributor and raw material supplier serving businesses and consumers across the U.S. and internationally. The majority of our high-quality industrial wire is manufactured by large North American companies that meet stringent quality standards.

We also offer a wide range of wire processing services, as well as coil winding and 3D printing services, to help improve efficiencies for your project.

Our Products

Standard Industrial Wire

Our wide range of high-quality industrial wire and cable is available to buy online.


Magnet Wire

Magnet wire is a type of insulated copper wire used for coil winding, solenoids, transformers, and more. This popular category of electrical wire includes polyurethane wire, plain enamel/formvar wire, litz wire, polyamide-imide wire, and polyimide wire.

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Hook-Up Wire

Hook-up wire is used for automotive, marine, electronic, and construction applications. Choose between stranded and solid wire, and meet UL, SAE, or USCG specifications.

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Uninsulated Wire

Uninsulated wire comes without an insulating coating. This category includes bare copper wire, tinned copper wire, nichrome wire, and stainless steel wire.

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Cable Assemblies

Remington Industries builds premade cable assemblies to aid efficiency.

Marine Battery Cable Assemblies

Marine battery cable assemblies are ideal for boating power-supply applications and other electrical applications, including power inverters, amplifiers, and automotive batteries.

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RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

RF coaxial cable assemblies are often used for military and civil radio frequency (RF) operations but are versatile enough to be found in everything from telecommunications to aerospace signal transfer applications.

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Twinaxial Cable Assemblies

Twinaxial cable assemblies have two inner conductors. They’re used for high-frequency signal transmission operations including in spacecraft and laboratory work.

Custom cable assemblies are available to order. Request a Quote

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Raw Materials

In addition to being a trusted electrical wire distributor, we’re also a raw material supplier.

6061 Aluminum And 304 Stainless Steel

6061 aluminum and 304 stainless steel are available to buy now; choose from flat bars, angle pieces and round rods.

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Need Another Type Of Raw Metal?

We offer raw metal procurement services.

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Raw Metal Services

We also offer raw metal cutting, CNC turning, milling and grinding services for your raw metals.

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Our Services

Custom Wire

Our custom wire services enable us to provide the best electrical wire for your application and help you increase efficiencies. Our experts are here to talk you through your project.

Request a quote for:

  • Wire processing: Wire cutting, stripping, terminating, and twisting
  • Coil winding (including 3D-printed custom bobbins)
  • Wire spooling
  • Custom cable assemblies
  • Bifilar and trifilar windings
  • Wire procurement

We also offer ready-to-order cut and stripped wire – the length you’re looking for may be available to buy now.

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3D Printing

We’re here to assist with 3D printing projects from design to completion.

  • Send us your 2D or 3D files, or ask us to create the designs for you.
  • We 3D print single orders and small batches of custom parts, to be used as prototypes or high-quality production grade parts.
  • If you need a custom bobbin to wind a coil, tooling, fixtures, or machine parts, 3D printing is a great solution for low-volume needs.
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What Makes
Remington Industries Stand Out?

North American Products:

We only sell high-quality products. The majority of our wire is made in North America, predominantly in the Midwest.

Compliance & Safety Standards:

Across the site you’ll find wire that is manufactured to UL, MIL-spec, SAE, ASTM, and NEMA standards, as well as wire that is RoHS & REACH Compliant.

Lead Time:

Need it fast? We can help, including quick turn-around custom wire services, fast shipping, and rapid 3D printing.

Ease of Ordering:

Easily order standard products online, or request a quote for custom wire or raw metal services.

Large Selection:

As a high-quality wire company we have a wide range of wire and raw metals available as standard, and we offer procurement services for anything else you need.

Local Support:

Call or send a message to our Johnsburg Illinois team to discuss your project needs.

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About Remington Industries

Industrial Wire Distributors in IL

Remington Industries is a trusted electrical wire company and distributor of raw metals based in Johnsburg, Illinois. We also offer a wide range of industrial wire processing services, as well as custom raw metal services, and 3D printing.

We’ve been in business since 1991, and many of our team members have 20+ years’ experience in the industry. We’re proud to provide unparalleled knowledge of wire and coil winding.

As a long-established wire supplier, our mission is to provide exceptional customer service and high-quality products. We go above and beyond to help our B2B and B2C customers improve efficiencies by supplying custom wire, raw metals, and 3D printed products.

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How We Serve Our Business Customers

We work with countless big-name brands and small businesses in the United States and internationally, from universities, to engineering hubs, to independent contractors.

Buyers and individuals are welcome to make an online account, to save multiple shipping addresses, access order history and see new orders.

Next to every product in our online store you’ll see the option to “Add to Cart” or “Add to Quote”, so you can order efficiently online or get the quote you need before you proceed. When you request a quote, you can also ask for customizations. We also accept purchase orders.

Don’t forget, you can also get discounts based on larger quantity orders! We look forward to working with you.

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Electrical Wire Data Sheets

Find everything you need to know about electrical wire, and more!

Visit our Resources page to find industrial wire data sheets, showing wire AWGs, bare diameter, bare area, DC resistance, maximum current, maximum frequency, and more. You’ll also find data sheets for 6061 aluminum and 304 stainless steel.

See Wire Data
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Visit Prem Magnetics

Prem Magnetics is our online store dedicated to coil winding, custom transformers and inductors. It’s the perfect partner for our electrical wire company.

You’ll find ready-made standard coils and the option to order made-to-order coils with no minimum order charge and no non-recurring engineering charge, at Prem Magnetics.

Visit Prem Magnetics

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3521 N. Chapel Hill Road, Johnsburg, IL 60051 U.S.A.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:00am-3:30pm CST.

Service Area: USA and Worldwide

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