Custom Services

At Remington Industries, we maintain an extensive inventory of in-stock wire and raw materials in sizes to meet virtually any application. We routinely supply wire for engineering projects, guitar pickups, and primary and secondary educational applications including student science projects, plus many other coil winding and electronics applications.

Our large selection of in-stock wire enables us to provide same day shipping of most wire and meet just-in-time manufacturing schedules. In addition, we provide value-added and customizing services to meet specific requirements:

remington industries custom services wire repackagingWire Re-packaging:

In additional to carrying a variety of spool sizes, we can re-spool wire to meet special length or weight requirements. Our wire re-spooling capabilities range from 8 to 45 AWG.



remington-industries-custom-services-bifilar-trifilar.jpgBifilar and Trifilar Windings:

We can supply wire in bifilar form, which is presented as two different strands of wire wound together, or as trifilar which is three strands of wire wound together. We can also provide the actual winding of such bifilar and trifilar coils.



remington-industries-wire-processing.jpgWire Processing:

We have the expertise and facilities to provide wire in a configuration ready for your application. Our wire cutting and stripping capabilities, along with our wire twisting and custom spooling service, will let you put your wire to work immediately and avoid delays and costly processing on your end.



remington-industries-custom-services-procurement.jpgProcurement Services:

We have decades of experience in the wire processing and coil winding industry, which has given us an extensive knowledge of product availability and resources. If you can’t find what you need, or if you’re not even sure what you need exists, let us know. If it’s available, or can be made available, we’ll procure it for you.


In other words, whatever your custom requirement may be, it only takes one call to get experienced assistance.

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