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Twinaxial Cable Assemblies

Twinaxial cables are unique from other signaling application connections, such as coaxial cables, because they have two inner conductors instead of one. Browse ready-to-use twinax cable assemblies below, or read more about twinax cables at the bottom of this page.

What is Twinaxial Cable?

Originally built by IBM for their IBM3x and AS/400 computer systems, twinaxial cables are now used in many additional applications. The two twisted conductors that twinaxial cable is known for provide greater protection from environmental factors and have lower cable loss than single-conductor cables. The twin conductors are highly efficient and are primarily used in short-range and high-speed differential signaling applications. The high-speed capabilities of twinaxial conductors makes them ideal for data transmission and information service applications. Built to military M17 specifications, the cable is suitable for a variety of civil and military high frequency signal transmissions. Remington Industries recommends twinaxial conductors for a variety of high-speed differentiating signaling applications such as medical, laboratory, avionics, spacecraft, and general control system applications.

Shop Twinax Cable Assemblies or Build Your Own

Remington Industries is proud to offer twinax cable assemblies, featured on this page, and twinaxial cable without connectors.

The pre-made twinaxial cable assemblies featured here are ready for use; the cables arrive with connectors already attached. This type of twinax connector assembly is designed for project efficiency.

Remington industries offers a variety of twinax cable lengths. You can also build your own twinax connector assembly by choosing from our range of cables and straight plugs. We also offer custom services to ensure our product meets your unique project needs.