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3D Printed Bobbins & Spools

Remington Industries is proud to offer 3D printing services, which include the 3D printing of custom bobbins and spools for electrical coils, inductors, and transformers.

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A Full-Service Solution to Custom Bobbins & Coils

When customers come to us with coil winding requests, their project may also require a custom bobbin. If a standard bobbin of the correct dimensions can’t be sourced, 3D printing is the obvious choice. It’s efficient, high-quality, and enables you to print a limited number of parts to test your design or create a prototype.

We offer a full-service solution to completing your coil winding project:

  • Choose the wire you need from our online store and let us know what you need.
  • Ask us to help design your coil, inductor, or transformer prototype, or review your 2D or 3D files.
  • Ask us to print your custom bobbin or custom plastic spools.
  • Ask us to wind your coil, transformer, or inductor for you.

Or, pick and choose the steps above that you’d like us to assist with.

What are the Benefits of 3D Printed Bobbins?

There are many benefits to choosing 3D printed bobbins for your coil winding project, particularly if a standard bobbin won’t meet your needs. Here are just a few:

  • For testing and prototyping, 3D printing offers the affordable low-volume and high-quality solution required. If you need just one or a few custom bobbins or spools, it’s the obvious choice.
  • It’s possible to 3D print complex and detailed parts, to exact specifications and dimensions. Whether you have a simple spool design or need a complex custom bobbin, we’ll be able to print it exactly as your 3D files dictate.
  • 3D printed bobbins can help you get your product to market faster, and with confidence. The 3D printing process allows for proper testing and rapid turnaround.

Image of blue spool, large thin bobbin wound and two-section bobbin

Additional 3D Printing Services

Our full range of 3D printing services includes more than just electrical coil and transformer bobbin design and production. We specialize in electronics prototyping but can 3D print any item you need. We can also help with creating your designs; you can send us a file to work from, or you can work with our engineering team to create one. Common requests include 3D printed tooling, molds, gages, fixtures, and more, in addition to 3D printed bobbins.

Image of arbor pieces, custom spool holder and test fit gauge

Contact a Trusted Illinois Coil Bobbin Manufacturer

Remington Industries is well known for providing high-quality wire and winding innovative new coils. We’re also a trusted plastic bobbin manufacturer using low-volume 3D printing techniques, that enable you to perfect your design ahead of production. If you’re looking for a plastic spool manufacturer or coil bobbin manufacturer known for high quality, attention to detail, and excellent customer service, contact us today to request custom bobbins.

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