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Bare Copper Wire

Bare Copper Wire | Remington Industries

Our bare copper wire offers excellent electrical conductivity for industrial applications, transportation projects, electrical transmission work, and more. This wire meets the ASTM B3 standards for annealed copper and complies with RoHS and RoHS 2 directives.

What is Bare Copper Wire?

Bare copper wire is a single strand wire with no coating. Copper is the second-best conductor of electricity (after silver) and this type of wire is available in either solid or stranded construction.


Bare Copper Wire Applications

Bare copper wire has many uses; here is a list of the most common applications of bare copper wire:

Our customers have also used it to suspend parts in an electroplating tank, for stained glass projects, and for developmental experimentation with high-frequency radio antennas!


Benefits of Bare Copper Wire

Remember these benefits when considering bare copper wire for your next project:


Bare Copper Wire for Jewelry Making

Remington Industries offers a wide selection of bare copper wire, including wire that can be used in jewelry making. Our 24-gauge wire, for instance, is thin enough to fit through most gemstone beads. It also makes a durable base for wire-wrapped hoops, handmade chains and more.


Versatile Bare Copper Wire at Competitive Prices

In addition to meeting key standards and ratings, all our bare copper wire products are designed to serve a variety of needs at unbeatable prices. Here’s what our customers have to say:

-         “I use a lot of wire to reinforce many of my stained-glass projects. The price here is better than buying from a stained glass supplier,” reads a review left by Cheryl on our 16 gauge bare copper wire.

-         “This is my third purchase since discovering Remington Industries. I do developmental experimentation with High-Frequency Radio Antennas. Using both stainless steel and copper wire products. All from Remington Industries. There, when I needed them!” wrote Thomas on the 20 gauge bare copper wire product page.


Your Trusted Bare Copper Wire Supplier

Remington Industries is proud to supply a wide range of magnet wire, hook-up wire, and uninsulated wire. We’re also a premium supplier of stainless steel, aluminum, and wire accessories.

Whether you own a small company, run a large organization or enjoy a hobby that requires high-quality wire, we’re here to serve you. With fast and reliable shipping, we ensure that your bulk orders, single spools, and custom products get to their destination on time and in perfect condition.

Our headquarters is in Johnsburg, Illinois, but we ship our products both nationwide and globally, all over the USA, Europe, and Asia.

We’d love to learn more about your project and help you find the 100% tested products you need for success.