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Bifilar and Trifilar Windings

Remington Industries | Bifilar and Trifilar Windings

Looking for specific bifilar or trifilar coil for an engineering project? Remington Industries is here to serve you with custom bifilar and trifilar winding services to meet your every need.

Bifilar Coils

A bifilar winding refers to a coil made of two strands of wire. Coils can be made with multiple colors, and can be bonded together. They are often used to create an electromagnetic coil.

Trifilar Coils

A trifilar winding is created using three strands of wire spooled together for a similar purpose.

Why Choose Bifilar and Trifilar Windings?

There are plenty of reasons to choose a high quality bifilar or trifilar coil for your project. Read on to find out if a bifilar or trifilar coil will best suit your needs:

  • Bifilar and trifilar windings are essential for many engineering projects requiring electromagnetic coils.
  • Choose a bifilar coil for winding wire for transformers.
  • Choose bifilar windings for a wire with closely spaced, parallel windings.
  • Choose from windings that create a current that flows in parallel directions, or opposite directions as per your requirements.
  • Use a bifilar coil as a modern solution instead of wire-wound resistors.

Why Choose Remington Industries for your Bifilar and Trifilar Windings?

Remington Industries has a wide range of experience with wire winding and has the high quality wire available to meet your every need. Choose from magnet wire, hook-up wire, or uninsulated wire (including bare copper wire, tinned copper wire, and nichrome wire), all in stock at Remington Industries, or request procurement services for wire of all kinds. We’ll be happy to provide you with seamless bifilar and trifilar winding services.

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