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Guitar Pickup Cable: 2 Conductors (28 AWG) w/ Drain Wire & Shield, 0.107" OD - 3 Lengths Available

$31.83 - $205.20
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This 2-conductor guitar pickup cable from Remington Industries is ideal for musical hobbyists and professional guitarists alike. The two stranded conductors are individually insulated in color-coded PVC (black & white), and surrounding these conductors is a foil shield with a drain wire. Additionally, the whole cable is covered with a black PVC jacket that protects the inner components from abrasion and any chemicals.

Guitar pickup cable is commonly used for coil splitting double-coil pickups (humbuckers) and tapping single coil pickups. It is also useful for lengthy runs between components where minimal electromagnetic interference is desired. Remington Industries offers 2-conductor and 4-conductor guitar pickup wires in several lengths to best suit your project.

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  • Cable Type: Shielded guitar pickup cable
  • Conductors (x2):
    • Wire Material: Tinned copper
    • Wire Gauge/Build: Stranded 28 AWG (7/36)
    • Insulation Material: PVC, in black & white
  • Shielding: Foil shield with stranded, tinned copper drain wire
  • Cable Insulation: Black PVC jacket (0.008" thick)
  • Overall Diameter: 0.107"

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  • 25'
  • 100'
  • 250'

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