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Hook-Up Wire

Hook-Up Wire | Remington Industries

This collection includes hook-up wire for automotive, marine, electronic, and construction applications that meet specifications issued by UL, SAE, or USCG.

What is Hook-Up Wire?

Hook-up wire is a type of copper wire with a single, insulated conductor, that is either solid (a singular strand of wire), or stranded (multiple thinner strands bundled to equal a thicker gauge). This special type of copper wire is mainly used in low-voltage, low-current applications, for example within enclosed electronic equipment. It is also used in automotive and marine applications, ovens, control panels, building construction, appliances, and many other open and enclosed environments. Many types of hook-up wire are made to meet certain UL and MIL-spec specifications.

Since conductors, insulation material, or rated voltage can vary greatly, it's important to understand how different hook-up wire works with different products, components, and connections.

Don’t forget to explore our categories for automotive hook-up wire, marine hook-up wire, construction hook-up wire and electrical hook up wire to make finding the right product easy.


Benefits of Hook-Up Wire

Hook-up wire has a wide range of uses in all kinds of products, appliances and vehicles. Here are some benefits that make this type of copper wire ideal for your project:


Choosing the Right Hook-Up Wire

With so many options to choose from, purchasing hook-up wires can be intimidating. Browse our Resources page and you'll find aHook Up Wire Data Chart, as well as a handful of Hook-Up Wire Ampacity Charts, so you can make the right choice, or give us a call for additional insight. Pay close attention to specifications, application (electronics, construction, marine and automotive), overall diameter, as well as voltage, temperature, conductor, and insulation rating.


Hook-Up Wire That Delivers Performance

Whether you choose stranded or solid hook-up wire, both options are guaranteed to meet the standards and ratings outlined in our product descriptions.

Stranded wire has the benefit of being more flexible and able to endure frequent bending than solid wire. On the flip side, the rigid nature of solid wire makes it highly resistant to weather, extreme environmental conditions, and frequent movement. Solid wire is often used in outdoor applications.

We recognize that your project is important, so we offer custom services including coil winding, bifilar and trifilar winding, wire procurement, andwire processing, to ensure you receive the wire that best meets your needs. Looking for a custom length? Get in touch. Browse our custom wire services page or request a personalized free estimate by clicking "Add to Quote" on any enameled copper wire product page. 


Your Reliable Copper Wire Partner

At Remington Industries, we take pride in supplying high quality hook-up wire, magnet wire and uninsulated wire. We’re also a premium supplier of aluminum, stainless steel and wire accessories.

We support hobbyists, small businesses, and large companies, with everything from bulk orders to custom products. We always ensure you receive superior, affordable wire and raw materials.

While our base is in Johnsburg, Illinois, we supply nationwide and global customers from the USA to Europe and Asia.

Let’s discuss your needs and get you started with 100% tested in-house products that always pass the test of time and quality.