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Tinned Copper Wire

Tinned Copper Wire | Remington IndustriesWe're proud to provide high quality tinned copper wire in gauges 14-30 AWG, to meet a wide range of project needs. Shop our collection, or learn more about tinned copper wire below the products listed on this page.

What is Tinned Copper Wire?

Tinned copper wire is a type of uninsulated wire. To create tinned copper wire, a bare copper wire is coated in a layer of tin. This means tinned copper wire benefits from the high conductivity of copper wire, with the additional benefits of tin coating.

Coating copper wire in tin prevents oxidation, but still allows for excellent soldering and connectivity. Tinned copper wire is great for applications where corrosion resistance is a priority, and also electrical connection. Tinned copper wire can also last far longer than its bare copper counterpart. This versatile wire is a subdued silver color and is very pliable.

Tinned copper wire is often used for connecting electronic components on a circuit board, as a test lead wire, and in jewelry making.

Does Tinned Copper Wire Tarnish?

Coating copper wire in tin prevents tarnishing. When copper wire is exposed to the elements it will change color, from a bright, shiny bronze tone, to the pale green shade we’re used to seeing on the Statue of Liberty. By coating copper wire in tin, we can prevent the oxidation process, and prevent tarnishing.

Tinned copper wire is therefore an excellent choice for jewelry makers looking for a silver colored wire that won’t tarnish. When choosing between silver plated wire and tinned copper wire, tinned copper wire is an excellent solution as a jewelry making wire that won’t tarnish.

Customize Your Tinned Copper Wire

Looking for a custom length, wire repackaging, or processing? We can offer all these custom services and more. Contact us to request wire services that ensure your tinned copper wire is perfect for your application and ready for use, right out of the box.

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