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TXL - 60 Volt

TXL automotive wire is a type of hook-up wire that is extremely durable, impressively flexible, and resistant to high temperatures. These qualities make TXL wire ideal for work on automotive projects including engine projects, upgrades, fixes and restorations. 

What is TXL Automotive Wire?

TXL wire consists of stranded bare copper conductors. This means that the TXL cable is composed of numerous small wires bundled together to form a larger conductor. It is then fortified with a thin-walled, cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation, as is therefore also often referred to as “thin-wall cross-linked wire.” This insulation allows the TXL wire to withstand high temperatures and protects it from abrasion, chemicals, fuels, and solvents. TXL automotive primary hook-up wire is rated for up to 60V and 125°C (257°F).

What is TXL Wire Used for?

Thanks to these properties and TXL wire’s flexibility and durability, it is used primarily in automotive engine applications. Specifically, it is recommended for automotive engines where wire with a small diameter and minimal weight is required.

TXL Automotive Wire Gauges

AWG stands for American Wire Gauge. This is the system that determines wire size. The larger the AWG number, the smaller the wire is in diameter and thickness.

When looking to buy TXL hook-up wire, it can be difficult to know which gauge best suits your project. If you are unsure, our experts can help. Go to our Resources page and you'll find a Hook-Up Wire Data Chart. This can help you choose a gauge and provide you with information including the voltage rating, temperature rating, conductor material, and insulation material.

The overall diameters in this wire selection range from 0.070"–0.128" (20–12 AWG). Click on any of our products to learn more about TXL wire specifications and applications.

Where to Buy TXL Wire?

Looking to buy TXL wire? You don’t have to go far. Our website offers multiple TXL wire options, including individual wire spools and TXL wire kits containing sets of 6 or 10 colors. Based in Johnsburg, Illinois, we have a global reach. Whether you’re in Illinois, California, or across an ocean, we can supply you with the high-quality TXL wire you need. If you’re located here in the US, you also benefit from free standard shipping on all orders.

Custom TXL Wire for Your Project

Here at Remington Industries, we offer custom wire services; we can customize your TXL wire to meet your exact specifications. Contact us or choose a product and click “Add to Quote” to get started. We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful customer service. Give us a call at (815)-385-1987 for answers to your questions.