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Coil Winding

What is Coil Winding?

The manufacturing of electromagnetic coils is known as coil winding. Electromagnetic coils have countless uses. They are an essential component within many circuits, creating a magnetic field.

Electromagnetic coils are found in the following equipment and more:

  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Motors
  • Loudspeakers
  • Microphones
  • Medical equipment
  • Other electronics

 There are a myriad of uses for electromagnetic coils, including any application in which an electric current must interact with a magnetic field.

Remington Industries | Coil Winding

Types of Coil Winding

Coil windings vary depending on:

  • Differing strengths of magnetic fields needed
  • Inductance necessary
  • Q factor
  • Insulation properties needed

The type and geometry of the wound coil is very important depending on use case.

There are various coil winding processes, including:

Custom Coil Winding

Our Coil Winding team is vastly experienced in manufacturing coils for the medical and electronic industries.

Purchase wire with Remington Industries or elsewhere and choose our team for custom wire services, including Coil Winding.

Wire available for Remington Industries includes:

• Hook Up Wire
• Magnet Wire
• Uninsulated Wire
• Any wire you need – via our Wire Procurement Services

We are here to manufacture high quality electromagnetic coils to your exact specifications.

Coil Winding Machines

Our specialized coil winding machines enable us to take on a wide range of custom coil winding projects.

As custom coil winders, we have an experienced team with vast knowledge of coil winding, including precision and medical grade coils.

Why Choose Remington Industries for Your Coil Winding?

Our high quality control standards and experienced team members will ensure precision and meet your exact specifications. Each part is 100% tested before it ships.

We are proud to use our coil winding expertise and wire winding technology to provide high quality solutions to your electromagnetic coil needs.

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