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Twinaxial Cable

For complex radio and signal transmission applications, you’re in the right place. Find standard twinax cable that meets your needs or request custom twinaxial cable


What is Twinax Cable?

Twinaxial cable is also often referred to as “twinax cable”. Much like coaxial cable, twinaxial cable is a special cable type with center conductors, dielectric insulators, and concentric shielding. The main difference between coax cable and twinax cable is that twinaxial cable has two center conductors that are separately insulated and intertwined, instead of one lone conductor. The unique configuration of twinaxial cable allows for more complex radio frequency signal transfer applications.

What is Twinax Cable Used for?

Twinax cable is used in military and civil applications, such as avionics and spacecraft, general control system applications, laboratories, and in the medical industry. Our twinaxial cable is built to meet stringent military M17 specifications.

For simpler applications and personal projects where only a single conductor is required, consider coaxial cable.

Explore Twinaxial Cable Assemblies

We’re proud to offer twinaxial cable assemblies to help your project keep to budget and timeline. Our premade twinax cable assemblies can help you save time and money, by offering a solution that’s ready for use. Our cable assemblies are suitable for applications requiring high-speed solutions including in the avionics, spacecraft, and medical fields.

Our experienced team also builds custom twinaxial cable assemblies to meet stringent specifications; contact us today to discuss your project.

Prefer to build your own cable assembly? Choose from our range of high-quality twinaxial connector components.

Order Custom Twinax Cable

We understand the importance of precision in a high-value military or civil signal transmission project. Our experienced team has the skills you’re looking for to offer custom twinax cable that meets exact specifications. Our team knows how to splice twinax cable, cut it to length, fix it, make custom cable assemblies and more. From minor customizations to prototype builds, our team can offer the custom twinax cable solutions you’re looking for.

Order custom services today or give us a call to discuss your project with our team. 

Buy Twinaxial Cable from Your Local Johnsburg Team

Our local Johnsburg, Illinois, team is best placed to serve large organizations and individuals in need of high-quality twinaxial cable they can trust. We’re just a phone call away to answer any questions, provide details of the construction and specifications of our standard wire, and discuss how it can be customized to meet your needs. Our procurement team can also help buyers access the twinax cable they need, to keep projects moving and ensure your success.

Add our standard twinaxial cable to your cart in the length that meets your needs today, for fast free shipping all over the U.S.A, or contact us for custom twinax cable requests.