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Twinaxial Cable

Coaxial and twinaxial cables are used for many different signal transmission applications. Browse our different grades of cable to find one with the specifications you need.

Attaching connectors to your cable? Save time and money and browse our coaxial and twinaxial cable assemblies; they come premade in various configurations for your convenience. And if you can't find what you need, feel free to contact us to discuss building an assembly for your application.

What is Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cable is a unique construction of cable with a center conductor, a dielectric insulator, and concentric shielding that provides lower losses and better isolation than other types of wire at higher frequencies. This makes coax ideal for many radio frequency (RF) signal transfer applications such as telecommunications, networking, and ham or CB radio setups.

What is Twinaxial Cable?

Much like coaxial cable, twinaxial cable is a special cable type with center conductors, dielectric insulators, and concentric shielding. The main difference between coax and twinax is that twinaxial cable has two center conductors that are separately insulated and intertwined, instead of one lone conductor. This configuration allows for more complex radio frequency signal transfer applications in military & civil work such as avionics and spacecraft, general control system applications, laboratories, and the medical industry.