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Aluminum Round Rod, 1" Diameter, 6061 General-Purpose, T6511, 10 Lengths Available

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Aluminum Round Rod, 1" Diameter, 6061 General-Purpose, T6511

This 6061 aluminum round rod is extremely versatile, featuring good formability, and weldability. The T6511 temper is an indicator that this high quality raw metal has been heat-treated for increased strength (Yield Strength: 35,000 psi). 

Meeting ASTM B221 specifications, this aluminum round rod has high resistance to corrosion and is commonly used for structural applications, including flooring, ramps, and stairs. Available in 10 lengths. 

  • Diameter: 1 inch
  • Material Type: 6061 general-purpose aluminum
  • Temper: T6511
  • Finish: Unpolished (Mill)
  • Specification: ASTM B221
  • Extruded
  • High Strength, Easily Welded or Machined

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