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Raw Materials | Remington Industries

Remington Industries is proud to provide high-quality metal raw materials for use in a wide range of applications. This category contains raw metals including aluminum 6061 and stainless steel 304.

In need of custom services for your raw materials? Our value-added services include cutting raw metals to length, CNC turning, grinding, and prototyping. Contact us to discuss your project, so we can meet your exact specifications. 

What are Raw Materials?

"Raw materials" is the term often used to describe unprocessed materials that are used to build other products. Raw materials can be divided into three types:

At Remington Industries, you’ll find metal raw materials, including stainless steel and aluminum, available for purchase.


What is Raw Metal?

Raw metal materials, or “metals in the raw”, are exactly as they sound – metal that has not yet been used for an industrial purpose. For example, this may refer to a round rod of raw aluminum or a raw stainless steel bar.


Is Metal a Raw Material?

Yes! As above, “raw materials” very commonly refers to metals in the raw.  Although lumber, plastic, and other basic and untreated materials may be considered "raw materials", the term very often refers to metal raw materials, including raw aluminum, raw stainless steel, copper, and many others.


How is Metal Made from Raw Materials?

To create raw metals, metal ore must be extracted from the earth. Debris is then removed from the metal ore. Electrolysis or smelting is used to derive the metal from the ore.


How to Clean Raw Metal

With the right products, you can clean raw metal and keep it looking new. Wear gloves to prevent oil from your skin from smudging your clean surface.


How to Keep Raw Metal from Rusting

Choosing to work with a raw metal alloy is the best way to prevent rust, as it is less likely to corrode; stainless steel is an excellent choice. Here are some other tips on how to keep raw metal from rusting:


How to Paint Raw Metal

Painting raw metal is easy, as long as you take the time to clean and prepare ahead of painting.


Raw Metal Data Sheets

Ready to learn more about raw metals? We're here to make purchasing the right raw metals for your project a seamless process. Take a look at our Resources page for more information on the raw metals we provide. Here you'll find free data sheets on aluminum 6061 and stainless steel 304, clarifying dimensions, and more information on metals in the raw.


Raw Materials Custom Services

We go above and beyond most raw metal suppliers by providing value added services. We understand that no two projects are ever quite the same, and our custom services are designed to ensure the raw metals you purchase meet your exact specifications. Whether you'd like our team to cut your raw materials to length, or provide CNC turning, CNC milling, or grinding services, we can help. We also create CAD drawings and prototypes to assist your project, at your request.


Raw Materials for B2B and B2C Customers

We serve businesses and individuals in need of high-quality raw metals. Whether you're working at home or at a premium workshop, our high-quality products will serve you well. We're also dedicated to customer service that meets the needs of raw metals customers, providing free estimates for customizations and procurement services as required. If you’re looking for aluminum or steel raw material suppliers to support your business, look no further than Remington Industries.


Where to Buy Raw Metal

If you're wondering where to buy raw metal, you're in the right place. Remington Industries is a trusted aluminum and steel raw material supplier. We provide wire and metal raw materials to customers like you every day. Our aluminum 6061 and stainless steel 304 are unprocessed, high-quality materials for your next project. Our collection of high-quality metal in the raw includes raw metal bars, rods, and angle pieces.

We understand how important it is for businesses to find trusted raw metal suppliers, where they can buy raw metal efficiently, and request value-added services as needed. Order seamlessly online, or contact us to discuss how our team can be the best raw metal suppliers you’re looking for.