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Uninsulated Wire

This collection features a range of uninsulated wire, including bare copper wire, tinned copper wire, nichrome wire, and stainless-steel wire. All our uninsulated wire can be customized to meet your specifications.

What is Uninsulated Wire?

Uninsulated wire is raw metal wire without a protective coating. Uninsulated wire typically consists of a single raw metal or alloy core, which is drawn out to the desired wire gauge, and then plated and/or treated for strength and additional properties. Uninsulated wire is typically made to meet ASTM or SAE specifications.


What is Uninsulated Wire Used For?

Uninsulated wire can be used for:


What is Bare Wire?

“Bare wire” is another name for “uninsulated wire”. The name is self-explanatory; it refers to any type of wire that is “bare” – i.e., wire that does not have a protective plastic or rubber coating. The wire is made of raw metal only.


What is Bus Wire?

“Bus wire”, also often spelled “buss wire”, is another term that applies to this page. Our collection of bare copper wire makes great bus wire, for use in electrical grounding and connections. Tinned copper wire is another great choice for use as bus wire.


Insulated vs Uninsulated Wire

Insulated wire is coated (for example with plastic, rubber or PVC), to protect it from abrasion, chemicals, weather, corrosion and more.

Uninsulated wire, also known as bare wire, does not have any kind of coating protecting it from the elements. However, it is highly conductive and affordable. This makes it a great choice for many electrical applications and craft projects.

Unsure whether you need insulated or uninsulated wire for your next project? Our team is happy to help. Contact us, or give our Johnsburg, IL, team a call!


Benefits of Non-Insulated Wire

There are countless benefits to bare wire. High-quality non-insulated wire is:


How is Bare Wire Used in Grounding?

Bare wire is the most common choice for electrical grounding. Bare copper wire is even referred to as “grounding wire” by many people in the electrical industry, thanks to many of the benefits explored above.


Can Electrical Tape be Used on Bare Wire?

Yes! Electrical tape can be used on bare wire, although it is wise to only use tape as a short-term solution in very low-voltage applications. Using electrical tape on cut wires is preferable to leaving them exposed.

You can find high-quality electrical tape at Remington Industries, as well as wire terminals, circular connectors, tubing, and sleeving, to complement your wire purchase.


Does Electrical Wire Need to Be Insulated?

No, electrical wire does not always need to be insulated. The uninsulated wire found in this category, is an excellent choice for many electrical applications, including grounding of appliances. However, insulated wire is a better choice for some electrical projects; if this applies to your work, take a look at our range of insulated hook-up wire for electronic applications, or contact our team to find out what type of wire you need.


View Our Uninsulated Wire Data Chart

Looking for useful resources to learn more about uninsulated wire? Take a look at our uninsulated wire data chart, which you can find in our Resources library. Here, you’ll find information on chemical composition, melting points, yield strength, and other data. Our charts will also help you find the right size wire for your project, by allowing you to compare AWG, resistance, weight, and more. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to reference it in the future.


Bare Wire That Meets Your Exact Specifications

Remington Industries is proud to stand out by offering custom services, to make sure our products meet your needs, perfectly. Our expert team can cut, strip and terminate wire to meet your exact specifications. We also create cable assemblies ready for use, and supply all the wire accessories you need to keep your project moving, from wire terminals to tubing.

For wire processing, procurement, and any additional custom requests, contact us, give our team a call, or select “add to quote” instead of “add to cart” from the product page.


Your Trusted Local Supplier of Bare Wire

Remington Industries is proud to serve B2B and B2C customers, including small local businesses, large corporations, and individuals. Our headquarters is in Johnsburg, IL, and we’re here to help make choosing the right wire for your project seamless. We’re happy to answer all your questions and offer new and innovative custom services at your request. We are available to consult with you, build prototypes, wind coils, and offer invoices and estimates for business purchases.

You can trust our team to provide high-quality uninsulated wire that stands the test of time. Get in touch to learn more about how we can support your project.