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Aluminum Round Rod, 1-3/8" Diameter, 6061 General-Purpose, T6511, 10 Lengths Available

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Aluminum Round Rod, 1-3/8" Diameter, 6061 General-Purpose, T6511

Featuring high resistance to corrosion, good acceptance to anodizing, and superior joining characteristics, this versatile aluminum alloy meets ASTM B221 specifications. Its T6511 temper indicates it has been heat-treated for improved strength (Yield Strength: 35,000 psi). 

This raw metal is a great material for structural builds, energy plant parts, marine vessels, medical equipment, heat exchangers, and more. Available in 10 lengths. 

  • Diameter: 1-3/8 inch
  • Material Type: 6061 general-purpose aluminum
  • Temper: T6511
  • Finish: Unpolished (Mill)
  • Specification: ASTM B221
  • Extruded
  • High Strength, Easily Welded or Machined

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