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Aluminum Round Rod, 1-3/4" Diameter, 6061 General-Purpose, T6511, 10 Lengths Available

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Aluminum Round Rod, 1-3/4" Diameter, 6061 General-Purpose, T6511

This aluminum alloy is strengthened by precipitation hardening which gives it excellent weldability, machinability, and formability. This 6061 aluminum round rod meets ASTM B221 specifications and its T6511 temper means it has been heat-treated for strength (Yield Strength: 35,000 psi). Lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion, this is one of the most used structural alloys. Available in 10 lengths. 

  • Diameter: 1-3/4 inch
  • Material Type: 6061 general-purpose aluminum
  • Temper: T6511
  • Finish: Unpolished (Mill)
  • Specification: ASTM B221
  • Extruded
  • High Strength, Easily Welded or Machined

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