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Aluminum Flat Bar

6061 aluminum is a highly-versatile heat-treatable aluminum alloy. Featuring good weldability and corrosion resistance, our extruded aluminum flat bars have a broad spectrum of applications. Whether it’s mounting plates to brackets and rectifier parts, or adding structural components to window frames or electrical fittings, the 6061 aluminum flat bar is a commonly used raw metal product that serves countless needs.

Shop a wide selection of high quality 6061 aluminum flat bars in different sizes and lengths, or request a custom length or machining from our team.

What are Aluminum Flat Bars Used for?

A simple, flat bar of aluminum can be used in countless projects and applications. Since Aluminum flat bars can be both extruded and rolled, it is known as a versatile material used across industries. Aluminum flat bars are often used as a chassis, frame or base inside of machinery and electronics. It is also integral to the fields of architecture and engineering, being perfect for structural components and frames. Other uses include medical assemblies, firearms, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

What are the Properties of Aluminum Flat Bars?

Aluminum flat bars are known for their durability. This material possesses an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and is able to withstand substantial force. It is both corrosion-resistant and formable, giving it longevity in addition to versatility. Notably, aluminum flat bars possess high ductility and electrical conductivity, making them suitable for electrical products.

Aluminum Flat Bars to Meet Your Specifications

Not only does Remington Industries offer durable and high-quality aluminum flat bars, we provide services to ensure that your product meets your exact size, shape, and length specifications. If you need information regarding the type of aluminum flat bar you require, be sure to visit our resources page, which includes an aluminum flat bar size chart.

How to Bend Aluminum Flat Bar

Bending 6061 aluminum is notoriously difficult. The best way to pursue the task is to heat the metal before tempering it to the correct condition. Once you have the correct torch, tools, and safety equipment, you will want to heat the aluminum to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit before bending to the desired angle. Beware, however, that this metal melts from the inside out, and you risk melting through your aluminum flat bar before you even know that you have done damage. Be extremely cautious in your heating.

If you are not sure how to bend aluminum flat bars, Remington happily provides these services for you. We will bend your aluminum flat bar to your exact specification.

How to Cut Aluminum Flat Bar

There are several methods available to cut your aluminum flat bar. The easiest option is an electric wood-cutting saw. When pursuing this method, be sure to reduce the diameter of the cutting blade for better results. By reducing the diameter of the cutting blade, you reduce your cutting speed, making it a safer cut for this specific type of metal. Other options include a cold chisel or curve-cutting tin snips, which are perfect for non-straight cuts.

If you don’t know how to cut aluminum flat bars, there is no need to worry. When you choose custom services from Remington Industries, we will cut your aluminum flat bar for you. We guarantee that our products will arrive with your exact length specifications.

Where to Buy Aluminum Flat Bars

If you’re wondering where to buy aluminum flat bars for personal or commercial projects, you’re in the right place. Here at Remington Industries, we offer high-quality and customizable aluminum flat bars to suit your specific needs. To learn more about our services, you can contact us through our website or call us directly at (815)-385-1987. We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful customer service and would be delighted to walk you through the process of purchasing aluminum flat bars. Additionally, our team, located in Johnsburg, Illinois, is available for in-person assistance and will help you find exactly what you need.