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Ring Terminals, PVC Insulated, 10-22 AWG Gauge Wire, Tin-Plated Copper Stud, 3 Sizes Available

$9.76 - $17.20
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Perfect for attaching wires to posts or studs, ring terminals have plenty of uses in countless projects. Ring terminals are also known as ring connectors. Aptly named ring terminals are a type of wire terminal with a ring-shaped connection stud on one end and a crimp connection at the other end. The design of the ring terminal allows for simple, solderless connections, making completion of projects using ring terminals quick and easy. Choose ring terminals for easy electrical connection in low voltage, DC applications.

Our high quality, reliable ring terminals are made with a tin-plated copper terminal base to provide good electrical connectivity. Our ring terminals are also insulated with PVC to protect against solvents, oils, fuels, chemicals, abrasion and more.

Choose the wire size and stud size that’s right for your project, and purchase ten ring terminals or 100 ring terminals to best meet your needs.

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  • 10-12 AWG, 14-16 AWG, or 16-22 AWG wire size
  • #6, #8, #10, or 1/4" stud size
  • 10 or 100 piece package quantity

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