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Wire Loom Tubing

Wire loom is a type of flexible convoluted tubing that is used to organize and protect wires and cables in many applications across industries, in office settings, and at home. Remington Industries is proud to offer a variety of wire loom tubing products and custom solutions to meet your unique needs.

What is a Wire Loom?

Wire loom tubing is also known as corrugated loom tubing, split tubing, convoluted tubing, and plastic wire conduit. It is a ridged, flexible tubing intended to cover wire, cords, and cables for protection and organization. Corrugated loom tubing can hold several wires or cables together, allowing for easier cable management and protection against abrasion, friction, and other risks. Wire loom tubing can also be manufactured with a slit along the full length of the tubing to make adding or removing wire and cables easier. Protective tubing is often used in electrical, industrial, and automotive applications – if you’re searching for an automotive wire loom, you’re in the right place! Convoluted tubing is also very helpful when managing cables in home and office settings.

What is Split Loom Tubing Used for?        

Split loom tubing is used to facilitate the easier addition and removal of cables or wires to the tubing. The split also lends more flexibility to the tubing, allowing it to be used in a wider variety of applications. At Remington Industries, we understand the convenience of split tubing for cable management at home and in industrial applications, and we are proud to provide first-class wire loom tubing solutions for all our customers. For special requirements, request custom services.

How Does Convoluted Tubing Work?

Wire loom tubing is used to protect wire or cable from potentially damaging factors, such as moisture or heat. The material used in the tubing will have different benefits to the tubing. For example, nylon tubing offers great strength while remaining flexible. The tubing also provides a protective casing against weight or impact.

Are Wire Looms Heat Resistant?

Corrugated loom tubing is designed to protect wires, cords, and cables from the elements, including the impact of heat. Nylon tubing is especially heat-resistant, affording extra protection to wires and cables stored within. Our team recommends assessing your unique needs when considering which wire loom tubing to purchase, as different materials offer different benefits.

What Size Wire Loom Do I Need?

Finding the correct size of wire loom tubing for your needs is simple. Gather the cords or cables that will be stored in the loom tubing into a bundle and measure the diameter. Then, select wire loom tubing that meets or exceeds that diameter.

Are You Wondering Where to Buy Wire Loom?

At Remington Industries, we offer a first-class selection of wire loom tubing to fit your unique needs. We are a leader in the wire and raw materials industry, known for our expertise and dedication to our customers’ needs. If you are looking for an exceptional provider of wiring goods for your next project, look no further than Remington Industries. We encourage you to browse our tubing and sleeving selection, learn more about our custom services, or contact us with any inquiries.