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1/2" Heat Shrink (3:1) Tubing, Dual Wall Adhesive-Lined UL224 Tubing, Black or Red, Available in 4 Lengths

$9.76 - $24.15
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Heat shrink tubing is perfect for insulating and protecting your wire connection. This dual wall heat shrink tubing is comprised of a thin-wall polyolefin tubing lined with a fine thermoplastic adhesive. This high quality heat shrink tubing has a shrink ratio of 3 to 1, and it bonds with many plastics, rubbers, and metals.  This heat shrink tubing is flexible, permanent, and water-resistant. The qualities this heat shrink tubing has makes it perfect for protecting wire connections in any kind of automotive or marine applications that will have to withstand an outdoor environment.

Choose heat shrink tubing in black or red and choose the length of heat shrink tubing you require, from one foot to eight feet depending on your need.

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  • Type: Dual Wall, Adhesive-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Sleeving Material: Thin-Wall Polyolefin
  • Shrink Ratio: 3:1
  • Inner Diameter: 0.500"
  • Specifications Met:
    • UL 224
    • SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/4 Class 3
  • Temperature Rating: -55°C (-67°F) to 110°C (230°F)

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  • 1', 2', 4', or 8' length available
  • Black or red color available

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